Maria’s photo shoot before the ceremony

Maria wanted to take some photos around the island before her orthodox marriage ceremony in Santorini. According to the Greek customs, 1-2 days before the wedding, the groom and bride do not see each other, especially if the bride is wearing her wedding dress. So, all the tour in the island took place without her husband. It is also very common for the bride to arrive late at the church for the ceremony and the groom to wait anxiously outside.


Together with Maria we climbed hills, walked through beaches and donkey paths, visited some of the top spots of the island and finally arrived at the church 45 minutes delayed, so no problem at all! :-)

More shots coming soon…!

Symbolic Wedding in Sun Rocks Hotel

After 2,5 hours driving to reach Athens, I took the evening flight of Aegean Airlines back to my base, Santorini. My next work was the photography of a symbolic wedding at Sun Rocks Hotel, located in the small village of Firostefani. The hotel is situated at the cliff side of Firostefani with breathtaking views to the world famous Caldera.
Sereena and Sean live in Denver (USA) and traveled to their loved Santorini to perform a symbolic wedding. Their families traveled with them, along with a few good friends, so the ceremony was performed in a funny but warm way.


santorini wedding dress










girl making her eyes














santorini love story


Wedding in Patra, Greece

Text in Greek:

Το επόμενo ταξίδι μου ήταν στην Πάτρα. Αγαπημένο μέρος αυτή η πόλη, συνδυάζει βουνό και θάλασσα, ενώ το χιονοδρομικό κέντρο των Καλαβρύτων είναι μόλις 1 ώρα οδήγησης. Μολονότι έχω ζήσει στην Πάτρα στο παρελθόν, προτίμησα να φτάσω στην πόλη 2 ημέρες νωρίτερα, ώστε να εξερευνήσω και να ανακαλύψω παλιές και νέες τοποθεσίες για φωτογράφιση, εκτός φυσικά από την εκκλησία και το κέντρο διασκέδασης.
Ο Θοδωρής, ελεύθερος επαγγελματίας – γεωπόνος στο επάγγελμα και η Παναγιώτα, λογοθεραπεύτρια είχαν ήδη παντρευτεί με πολιτικό γάμο στο Δημαρχείο της Πάτρας πέρυσι. Το ζευγάρι είχε ήδη αποκτήσει ένα υπέροχο κοριτσάκι, τη Μαρία η οποία κυριολεκτικά έκλεψε την παράσταση, καθώς πόζαρε συνεχώς στο φακό, ενώ ταυτόχρονα δεν έκλαψε κατά τη διάρκεια της τελετής και του γλεντιού καθόλου. Είμαι σίγουρος ότι θέτει από τώρα τις βάσεις για καριέρα μοντέλου στο μέλλον.. :-)

Text in English.
My next travel destination was Patra (also called Patras), the third biggest city of Greece, located northern of Peloponnese. I love this city, it is located in the center of Greece, built next to the sea and very close to the mountains with large forests and modern ski resorts. Although I have lived there in the past, I preferred to arrive in Patra 2 days earlier in order to scout some locations on my pace, including the church and the reception where the party was going to take place.
Theodore and Penny got married by civil ceremony in the office of the major one year before and now decided to do the religious orthodox ceremony. Their daughter Maria, was such a cute baby. She did not cry at all and enjoyed the whole wedding in a very relaxed and pleasant way.

Η προετοιμασία της νύφης

Η προετοιμασία της νύφης

bridal make up hair preparation

Η κορούλα τους, Μαρία

Η κορούλα τους, Μαρία

Their daughter, Maria

Their daughter, Maria


greek groom shoes

Η νυφούλα μας λίγο πριν την αναχώρηση για την εκκλησία

Η νυφούλα μας λίγο πριν την αναχώρηση για την εκκλησία

Maria spending some relaxed time

Maria spending some relaxed time


Penny, trying to catch the bouquet

Penny, trying to catch the bouquet



During the religious ceremony

During the religious ceremony

One of my favorite shots  / Μια από τις αγαπημένες μου εικόνες

One of my favorite shots / Μια από τις αγαπημένες μου εικόνες

More pictures from the ceremony and next day shoot are coming soon, since I am flying tomorrow early in the morning to my loved island, Santorini!!!
Περισσότερες φωτογραφίες από την τελετή και τη φωτογράφιση της επόμενης ημέρας θα ανεβάσω σύντομα, μιας και λόγω υπερβολικού φόρτου εργασίας πετάω αύριο ξημερώματα για Σαντορίνη.. Μείνετε συντονισμένοι…!!

My Favourite Photo

This is one of my favorite pictures. It was taken a couple of years before, and I found it by chance while browsing some of my old images. The quote is also something that I love and I think that it is an attitude to life.
“Sometimes the post ordinary things could be extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right people…”

A little bit of post processing created this fine art result.

More photos about this session click here.

Garrick and Carol from Hong Kong Pre Wedding Photo Shoot in Santorini

Garrick and Carol are going to get married in their Country, Hong Kong this October. It is a Chinese tradition to travel around the world and taking photos. It is a way to express their love to each other and make some great memories for the years to come.
Carol took brought 3 dressings with them this time, including a wedding dress. Our shooting schedule was enough to get changing dressing also. They booked the 5 hours tour (Gold Package) including the hair dresser and make up who visited them at their hotel and prepared Carol for the shoot. My partners did also a great job and Carol looked fabulous in the pictures.

香港人 Bride :-)

香港人 Bride :-)

Black and white photography always amazes my clients

Black and white photography always amazes my clients

We started with some romantic shots at a  nice quite area away from tourist crowds

We started with some romantic shots at a nice quite area away from tourist crowds

Cute donkey!!

The highlight of the pre wedding session

The highlight of the pre wedding session

castle ruins santorini

Kongnese black white picture

This shot was loved by Garrick and Carol. They will show it at their ceremony in Hong Kong this October

This shot was loved by Garrick and Carol. They will show it at their ceremony in Hong Kong this October

This pink wedding dress, is just amazing!!

This pink wedding dress, is just amazing!!

Lot's of fun!! The couple asked me to take some fun photos... Loved it!!!

Lot’s of fun!! The couple asked me to take some fun photos… Loved it!!!

3rd change of dress

3rd change of dress



happy couple




chinese santorini

top spot in santorini




love photo

Engagement Session of Nathalie and Baptist

Nathalie and Baptist from France exchanged vows of eternal love in the Cliff Side hotel in Firostefani with the spectacular view. Santorini is not only the island where civil weddings take place but it is also the perfect chance for people to show their love and true commitment.
Even though French is not my native language, the whole atmosphere really touched my heart. Nathalie was the first that expressed her love and then Baptist followed her. The engagement rings were fabulous, the couple felt a sentimental attachment to the moment and the whole photography session was a true success.

engagement rings

engagement rings black white

exchage vows of love

engagement santorini


engagement ring




love-storysunset couple photography

engagement rings sunset

Beach Wedding in Santorini of Mike and Christine

My next photo shoot was a beach wedding. Most weddings take place at the edge of the hill, with spectacular views of the ocean and the island. But Santorini is not famous only for the caldera. The red and black volcanic beaches are a must visit for any tourist arriving in the island.

Christine and Mike, an American couple arrived in the Greek island via cruise ship and decided to get married in the black beach. They did have some time ahead, so their thought was to take some post wedding photos at the cliffs and then take down the funicular to the cruise ship.

table beach wedding

beach wedding in santorini

beach wedding santorinivintage beach wedding photo



wedding beach ring


after ceremony at the beach-drinking-champaign

black beach santoriniblack beach wedding

civil beach weddingcake beach weddinggroom bride at the beach

black and white love moment

couple running at the beach

couple runnning at the beach black and white

signing documents black white photography


firostefani santorini greece

firostefani boat

love momentsexy photo santorini greece

sexy photographer santorini

Athens Greece Wedding – Φωτογράφος Γάμου Αθήνα

Κείμενο στα Ελληνικά:
There is also text in English below

Ο Γάμος του Θανάση και της Ιουλίτας στο Χαϊδάρι.

Μετά τη φωτογράφιση στη Φολέγανδρο, σειρά είχε η φωτογράφιση γάμου στην Αθήνα. 6 Μήνες νωρίτερα μου είχε τηλεφωνήσει ο Θάνασης, καθηγητής του πανεπιστημίου της Γλασκώβης και μου ζήτησε να ταξιδέψω στην Αθήνα και να  φωτογραφίσω το γάμο του με την αγαπημένη του Ιουλίτα. Τον εξοπλισμό στους ώμους λοιπόν, αεροπλανάκι και προσγείωση στην πρωτεύουσα.. Η πτήση από Σαντορίνη είναι μόλις 20 λεπτά, το εισητήριο προσιτό και η διαμονή σε ξενοδοχείο στην Αθήνα, πλέον με την κρίση είναι ιδιαίτερα φθηνή.

Παρεπιπτόντως, η Αθήνα ήταν και είναι πάντα μια πρόκληση για εμένα. Δεν έχει τα τοπία της Σαντορίνης, οι μετακινήσεις δεν είναι εύκολες, ενώ το μπλε του ουρανού είναι είδος προς εξαφάνιση. Πάντα πίστευα ότι ο φωτογράφος κάνει το τοπίο και όχι το αντίθετο και μου δόθηκε η ευκαιρία να το αποδείξω (στον εαυτό μου και στους πελάτες μου) για μια ακόμη φορά.

Ξεκίνησα με μερικές φωτογραφίες πρώτα από το σπίτι του γαμπρού στο Βύρωνα, στη συνέχεια κάλυψα την προετοιμασία της νύφης στο Χαϊδάρι. Ο γάμος του Θανάση και της Ιουλίτας τελέστηκε στον Άγιο Χριστόφορο στο Χαϊδάρι. Ακολούθησε μια στάση για φωτογραφίες στο παλατάκι μετά το μυστήριο και πριν το γλέντι για να χαλαρώσει και το ζευγάρι, ενώ την επόμενη μέρα βγάλαμε μερικές υπέροχες φωτογραφίες στο δάσος του Χαϊδαρίου.

Ένα μεγάλο ευχαριστώ στο Θανάση και την Ιουλίτα που μου έκαναν τη τιμή να με προσλάβουν ως φωτογράφο για να καλύψω την ομορφότερη μέχρι σήμερα ημέρα της ζωής τους. Σας εύχομαι κάθε ευτυχία και υγεία στην οικογενειακή σας ζωή, Χρήστος.

Text in English:

After my photo shoot in Folegandros, my next trip was to Athens, the capital of Greece to photograph the wedding of Thanasis (a professor in Glasgow University) and the woman of his life, Ioulita. Athens has been always a challenge for me. There are no blue skies there, no blue dome churches, transportation from one spot to the other is more difficult than Santorini… but, I was given again the chance to prove that a good photographer is not depending on the scenery, but on his creativity and the good communication with the couple.

Due to the economical crisis, the flight tickets from Santorini to Athens are affordable and it is also easy to find a good hotel to stay for a nice price. So the cost for the couple was something that they could afford it. The wedding ceremony took place in the area of Chaidari, at the church of Saint Christopher. We also did a next day photo shoot at the nearby forest and kinder garden. Thank you so much guys, looking forward to shoot your anniversary again in 5 years. With lots of love, Christos

athens-greece-wedding-ceremony athens-photographer athens-wedding-photographer athens-wedding-photographer-black-and-white athens-wedding-photographer-greece bridal-make-up-preparation bridal-preparation-and-make-up bride-feeds-the-groom bride-into-the-car bride-into-the-car-black-white bride-looking-herself-at-the-mirror bride-looking-herself-mirror-bw bride-sexy-photo-at-the-kinder-garden couple-kissing-in-front-of-kids greek-ceremony-black-white greek-orthodox-ceremony greek-orthodox-priests-during-wedding-ceremony greek-orthodox-wedding greek-wedding-party greek-wedding-reception-party greek-wedding-tradition-rice groom-going-at-the-church groom-hunted groom-kissing-brides- groom-kissing-brides-leg groom-kissing-brides-legs groom-preperation-for-the-wedding groom-remeber-list IMG_2816 IMG_3171 kindergarden-black-and-white-sexy-photo looking-at-the-mirror orthodox-wedding-ceremony-greece palataki-athens palataki-athens-photo photoshoot-in-palataki photo-thourgh-tunnel reception-party-wedding-dance small-mirror the-bride-during-the-ceremony wedding-athens wedding-party wedding-photo-withoug-heads wedding-shoes woman-holding-a-mirror athens-greece-groom-pre-wedding-photography athens-greece-outdoor-photography

A backstage photo from the outdoor shoot. Many thanks to my assistant George for taking this photo!

A backstage photo from the outdoor shoot. Many thanks to my assistant George for taking this photo!

10th wedding anniversary, Linda and Matthew from Hong Kong

Linda and Matthew traveled from Hong Kong to Santorini and Greece for vacation and to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. They visited our island in September and hire me as photographer to take their post wedding photos. For them, they preferred the typical Santorini scene – sunshine, blue sky, small white houses with blue roof, church, ocean view and the flowers. 4 locations were included in this session: Akrotiri, Firostefani and Oia to catch the sunset.

The highlight of the photo shoot was a stop in the fields to take some photos with a pretty donkey and a teddy scarecrow!!

akrotiri santorini




donkey santorini

The amazing view from Firostefani

The amazing view from Firostefani

Funny picture during the shoot

Funny picture during the shoot





romantic shot

santorini greece



scared bride






Thank you so much Linda and Matthew. I wish you a nice and safe trip back to your country, Hong Kong. Looking forward to shooting your 20th (Chinese) Anniversary in Santorini.


Santorini Blue Dome Church

I am always asked from couples to photograph them in front of the famous blue dome church. Actually, most of the churches here in Santorini have blue domes. Wherever you stay and look around you are able to see and admire them. The island has more than 365 churches and chapels, like the days of the year. Unfortunately most of them are usually closed for tourists, except Sundays when Orthodox Christians attend the Liturgy.

This photo captured from a recent anniversary shoot in Oia. Thank you Steve and Lacey for letting me post the photo on the web.

This photo captured from a recent anniversary shoot in Oia. Thank you Steve and Lacey for letting me post the photo on the web.